random form

i’m planning to meke a very old barn in blender, with the wood al rotten.
So I was hoping that there was an easy way to give the wood a random form, that bends on the sides. So I can use an array afterwards where every piece has another form.
Look at the picture, i mean the wood in the window

Hope you know what i mean…

You could have a couple objects, with arrays on them.
Or make one good log, sculpt it and etc, then duplicate, change the scale and rotation.
Or you could just have a wall, and have the textures do the work.

A displacement modifier using a suitable random texture is the obvious possibility. If you use an array, the array needs to come before the displacement in the modifier stack:

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It’s quite easy to model this.

  1. Subdivide (W) the object a few times;
  2. Select vertices randomly (Select > Random > e.g. 50%);
  3. Shrink/Flatten (Alt+S) the selection a bit;
  4. Unselect all (A);
  5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 a few times.

MCollet, what you show me looks very good. So I experimented a bit with the displace modifier. And believe I got very strange things, I think I even created a fourth dimension :p. Everything except what you showed me :D. So do you have a tutorial? Or just briefly explain it :smiley:

PS: Manofsteel, I’m glad that you made me aware of the random function! I didn’t knew it.

For displacement don’t you need a high poly mesh?
I think putting a subsurf modifier before the displacment might help, I’m not sure if you’ll have to apply it however.

  1. Subdivide a rectangular parallelepiped a few times (e.g. 4).
  2. Press F5 and add a new material.
  3. Press F6 and add a new texture. Change the texture type and play with the settings. You can also use an external image.
  4. Press F9 and add the Displace modifier. Change its Texture to the texture name (Tex by default), change the Direction to e.g. X and play with the Strength.
  5. Add a Subsurf modifier (after the Displace).
  6. Add an Array modifier (move it to the top), Relative Offset, X=0, Z=1.