Random freezes

My newly installed Blender v2.77 is experiencing some random freezes, I’ve never installed other version of Blender before. So far it has happened when Blender is in the idle state. For example, it would freezes when I call Blender back from minimized window or when I switch back to Blender from another programs. It usually happens when Blender has been idling for a while. But It hasn’t frozen while I’m using it, although I’ve been using Blender for simple tutorial lessons, nothing extended use. It doesn’t seem to be a memory issue, because it would freeze with just a simple cube in the scene.

My system specs:
Widnows 7 Pro 64 bits (Dual boot for switching between Quadro & GTX setups)
Xeon 6 core CPU, 24BG RAM, Quadro 4000 & GTX 660 ti (this boot uses GTX driver only)