random holes appeared on mesh, strange shapes.

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was following along with a tutorial, trying to parent a rig to the mesh using automatic weight. It would always freeze program. I think it all may have to do with my mesh. They top rim is supposed to be perfectly smooth, but out of no where these holes appeared, and strange shapes. I haven’t a clue on how to clean this up. I would attach a blendfile If I knew how. Not sure what happens to the project if I duplicate the file.

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ah thank you, here is my blend file.


robot issue.blend (2.18 MB)

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Who knows where the holes came from, must have been there while editing

There’s a big density difference between different mesh parts, such as A and B (viewport on the left).

The lower portion has its subdivision surface modifier applied. Very stupid, because now it has too much geometry to fix the problems, not just too much geometry where it’s not needed. It’s also the reason armature deform takes too long. Normally the armature would affect the low poly cage and subdivision would affect the result from that. Modifier order top down, armature first.

The edges had been creased wrong, or the structure wasn’t ready for creasing, which creates the angled corners and subdivision pattern on 1 and 2 (viewport on the right).

Maybe the modifier was applied to join the arm to it without subdivision. It’s not necessary to join them, especially if the thing is animated in Blender. The armature is in effect through the armature modifier on each object, and they can use the same armature.

The arm is a separate object and could then create empty groups for it. Only bones set to deform should get a vertex group, and most of them can be deleted afterwards since the arm only uses 4 bones.

  • Armature in pose mode, mesh type object in weight paint mode.
  • Face masking enabled, hover mouse cursor over the mesh part and press L to select linked
  • Selecting the right group, could then fill the selection with the weight
    – bone selection is done with ctrl+right click when the face masking is active to differentiate between mesh and bone selection
    – could also assign weights in edit mode, assigning right mesh part to the correct vertex group by selecting linked mesh and assigning it from the vertex group panel or ctrl+G -> active group

And it works http://pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=117916 separate from the rest.

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wow Thx. lot of info here, its good you found a workaround. tho I guess the mesh is shot. Had posted this on blender reddit, I was told I should be careful on what tutorials Im learning from. Starting to see why. because The fixes suggested for this would have been out of my scope. at least without asking opinions.

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Yes the lower part could be fixed but it would be a lot less tedious if you have a previous save in another file, or in a .blend1 or .blend2 file perhaps.

Getting rid of extra geometry and rounding the edges again with correct edge flow would be the most time consuming part. So much so that it might be a better idea to make a new one instead if you don’t have a previous version saved. It’s not too complex model.

Made one that should be easier to continue with. The sharpness of most of the edges is done with bevel modifier, could adjust the width on it. The inside corner is done with edge crease. The green edges show the areas where bevel modifier is in effect, the modifier has a material index set to 1, default is -1.


robot_issue_ja12.blend (2.32 MB)