RANDOM HUG IS RANDOM!!!! (Weekend Challenge [LATE] Submission)

Made this for this week’s WC. Couldn’t enter due to time Problems :(.
Oh well. here’s an addition to the finished projects. Color adjusted from the original.

EDIT: Readjusted version. :o

Enjoy! :smiley:

a pity it was late, ,but understandable, quite an ambitous project for a weekend challenge… nice work! one thing that is confusing a little is that her right eye shadow is very blurry. ,fun image!

yeah i’m wondering why that shadow is there. I adjusted normals and it’s still present. kind of wonder if it has something to do with the Shadow her hair is casting (and the SSS).

All in all, thanks!!

Actually it came in late due to the fact we were out all day that point of submission. would’ve taken me but a couple hours to create it and adjust and so had i stayed home.

I really like it good use of this weeks theme. good job


Nice Image. And, the pallette works well. Love the expressions. But, unfortunately,. … It looks like her ball is sad because her boyfriend gave her a black eye. In any event it is a lovely image and it has that feel of Tiny Toons Elmyra. Nice Job.

The ball was supposed to be a robot head (giving a very shocked and cough terrified cough expression at the girl suddenly giving it a hug).
As for the girl, i suppose it’s a lighting error. will fix them up tonight.


The problem was:
Glasses weren’t letting light pass through them (or rather the skin wasn’t recieving transparent shadows).
Enjoy :slight_smile:

Very Nice!!!


I feel for that robot :frowning:

Thanks!! :slight_smile: