Random Inspiration: Robot?

I was bored and had gratuitous amounts of time to kill so what started out as an accident morphed into a sort of robot… thing.

It took me about 3 hours to model. Most of that time went into creating the eyes.

I really don’t have a freaking clue what it was supposed to be. xD

Listen-- someday, you’re going to be a really, really great blender artist!

You’ll post all sorts of amazing works to the “finished projects” forum. Your pictures will stand on their own as pieces of fine art; projects that take months, not hours, to complete.

When that day comes, you will groanwhen people post images like this.

Oh come on its not THAT bad… xD

I kinda like it. Its not very often when my logical static mind comes up with something truly unique.

That’s excellent! Jumping to work when inspiration strikes is an admirable quality. Concepts like this are where the magic begins.

Doesn’t mean you should post it as a “Finished Project” though. Some of the projects on this forum took weeks of work and years of experience. We’d never get to see those projects if everyone else decided that their three-hour robots were just as important.

Would it have been more suitable to post it under “Blender Tests”?

What level of quality or amount of time would be suitable for posting under “Finished Projects”? :smiley:

I think you can call it finished and post this in Finished Projects if that’s what you feel like. There is no reason why you couldn’t post it here. Everyone was new to Blender sometime, and it doesn’t mean they couldn’t put their works for show as a finished project. For helping and getting support is what this community is IMO. The Forum Gallery exists for the best pieces for a reason. I don’t feel irritated that Finished Projects has such a large variety of works from every experience levels. I remember I was very proud when I got my first snowman done, three balls and a cone. I posted it here too, I think.

I like your work, it looks great! :slight_smile: Kind of reminds me of Katamari or something. You could add more detail to the arms, body and legs.