Random (jitter) Instances of one mesh?

Is there a way to do things like this -> http://www.happy-digital.com/instance.asp
Python? Dupliverts? SHIFT+D?
Noob Question I know :expressionless:
I don’t know how to search for this in searchbox.

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If you’re referring to the memory saving instanced replication that your link is talking about then no not really any way to do that in blender at the moment. If you’re adept at programing you might be able to put the technique together?

If you want to have multiple instances then yes it is possible to have an effect similar to the linked reference. Your render times will still be the same as if you have large number of objects though. Dupliverts will give you an effect similar to the teapots in the linked image. Add a plane, subdivide, parent the teapot to the plane, and turn dupliverts on for the plane. You can also use particle dupliverts. After you’ve created the dupliverted objects you can make them real by selecting the plane and typing shift-ctrl-a.

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I am talking about some randomness of clones (colors, rotation, scale, etc.). to be more clear
Memory is ok with Blender. I think we can’t want more :smiley:
But I am far from programming :frowning:

Ah, right. Well some randomness is possible but not really a dedicated method for natural chaos. :slight_smile: There’s a discussion here
about bird flocking that may help to answer your question.

Some things to try: when you subdivide your parent use Subdivide Fractal in Mesh Tools or Subdivide Multi-Fractal in the W key menu. In the Anim Settings turn on Rot to have the dupliverted item, i.e. the teapot, face the direction of the face normal of the parent. Use particles to create your Dupliverts and turn up the Random starting speed and or the Randomlife of the particles. Also, you can increase the level of diversity by using multiple instances of parent / duplivert systems. Hope that helps.

It helps
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