Random Mechanical Nonsense

Why not?



Hey! Very mechanical, random and nonsensical! Actually it looks interesting and when I looked at it I got this idea that it could be part of some space service platform and you could give the scene a backdrop of stars or earth or something.

Anyway thats what popped into my head - but do what you want… its looking good.


Didn’t I just have to climb on that in FF7? :slight_smile: :wink:

It’s good

It reminds me of a mechanical room in a building. Looks nice so far.

It’s kind of like Elephants Dream, random mechanical nonsense! :smiley: (which is, of course, my favorite thing to make in Blender)


looks kewl lsblend got any renders?

Yay, greebles!:smiley: (Which I think can be defined as random mechanical nonsense.)

Looks great thus far. But where are you planning to do with it? How long have you been working on it? Give some details please :slight_smile:

in my opinion, the more organic looking, soft round pipes and tubes sort of clash with the harshly mechanical, angular parts, and the balance of the two is off.
but hey its basically a doodle :smiley:

Small update :smiley:
EDIT: okay, rather large update :smiley:


it could be a city if you wanted it to