random movies with moving text on top

So, we have this old computer at work, it has a nice display, as it is located at the reception.
On it plays an old powerpoint presentation with some images and several slides which can be enabled at will with names from visitors from other countries/companies and the like. These names can be adjusted on the fly.

They’ve asked me if I could update these images and slides, and make something really nice out of it. I’ve made a few images that will probably be good enough for them.

But I want something better… I don’t know how many of you have seen chicken or the egg, by William Reynish. It cycles endlessly. Well, I made 2 movies that cycle as well, and plan to do more, on top of that I want to add a sliding text frame, where you can enter the names of people visiting. These movies should replace the old images, and the “Welcome (insert names)” text will be a textframe or something similar that slides from bottom to the top.
Like the credits of a movie. (think of big buck bunny…)

In theory this should be possible in powerpoint. However I have not been able to get powerpoint to either loop and/or flawlessly loop the animations/videos.

I need to find an application where I can have images loop, maybe some fixed order, maybe some others random. And on top of that there should be a textfield with a transparant background that moves.

Does anyone know of a way I could pull that off?

bump. Still nees this and haven’t found a solution. Neither powerpoint or OOO impress can do it. Impress seems to have even less options when it comes to video… :frowning:

I’ve used macromedia [now adobe] Director for stuff like this

What about a flash interface / image display / movie player that reads the image / movie files in from a folder, then you just throw in the images and the flash component picks them randomly or if you make the flash component read an xml file to get the image listing you could include a couple of extra fields to each image entry in the xml file to include some descriptive text that the flash component overlays.