Random Objects!

Here’s some random objects i’ve made today just to stay lose and hone my skills. Box Rrobot Studios is my personal studio name, for anyone who wondered lol


Those are very impressive for just practice, great job!

hey cool! GJ!

hey those are cool, have you thought about releasing them as free modals on one of the repositories around here? I’m sure a lot of people people could learn quite a few things from them.
Also, is the texture on the hydrant all procedural or does it use any UV mapping? for that matter, what about the trash can.

Impressive for random stuff!

Nice props!

Very nice. Is this blender internal or some other rendering engine? And I’d also like to know more about the texturing process.

The firehydrand texture is tad too plastic perhaps? should be more of casted iron?

The wooden props are UV textured, and the others use tileless textures, and yeah i agree the fire hydrant looks a bit plastic, but its nothing that can’t be easliy fixed with the shaders.
These were rendered internally using AO. Hope that answers your questions :slight_smile:

i like the wood texture but it seems a bit clean