Random or Jitter?

Is there a simple tool to randomize or bash on a model and break up its regularity after it’s been built? I know about “Subdivide Fractal”, but you have to decide pretty early on how many polys you want, and there is a limit to how messy it gets. I suppose I could also use a lot of moving stuff with falloff enabled, but I’d like to just specify a radius, hit “Jitter” (or whatever) and shake up those vertices. Is there a script or something for this?

Enter edit mode, at 3D window header find Select menu. There’s Random option, which selects vericies randomly, so use it and then Alt-S selected ones with falloff enabled / rotate them around 3D cursor / move them etc.

If you have a CVS build (available at www.graphicall.org , among others), you could use the Displace modifier in “RGB -> XYZ” mode with a colour Clouds texture. The advantage of this method is that it’s non-destructive (you can go back to your original mesh by simply disabling the modifier), you can control the mesh resolution with a Subsurf modifier preceding it, and you can modulate the effect using vertex groups (so your model could be strongly randomized in places, transitioning smoothly to no randomization in other places). There’s a manual page (not yet part of the official manual) at http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/BlenderDev/DisplaceModifier .


These all sound pretty good, thanks! Perhaps if I say a little more about what I’m intending, you could tell me what might be the best way to approach what I want to do.

Basically, I’m planning on using a bunch of verts made into halos to act as the sort of blurry crud particles seen underwater. I was thinking of making a biggish, messy arrangement of them, then applying an animated deform texture to them to make them seem to heave about as the water moves. I’d like to have them move subtly and slowly, rather than jittering all over, so I wanted to start from a random-seeming cloud of particles, rather than an orderly grid.

Perhaps baking a particle cloud could work as a starter object, if I could just find out how to bake a particle cloud.

It sounds like the Displace modifier could suit your purposes quite well. You can make the displacement texture use the coordinate system of another object, so by animating that object and using something like the Clouds texture you can get smooth random motion. I tried it just using a cubical grid of vertices, and it looked pretty good.


I’m not aware of the Displace modifier. Do you mean displacement texture, like in Cogfilms’ ocean tutorial?

I’ve gotten that to work on planes, like in the tutorial, but it didn’t seem to have any effect on my cubical grid of vertices. Is there a special way you used to make your grid? I subdivided a plane and then extruded it a few times as individual polys. Then I used the Delete command on “Only Faces” to leave the verts.

No, I mean the Displace modifier. It’s not yet in a released version, but it is in CVS. Check out the links in my first post :slight_smile:


AH! Thanks! Now I’ve got a real reason to look forward to the next release!

Just tried the Displace modiifier–Very, very nice. ThanksThe animating texture is so beautiful, I could just watch it for hours…

I’m loving displacement, especially the genius RGB > XYZ displacer, which “leans” the displacement so it looks like a mudflow.

Is there going to be any attempt to make the displacement texture editable as it is in the texture stack? At the present, all the fine-tuning controls of “Map Input” are inoperable on displacement modifiers.