random oriented dupliobject

after reading up on particles and dupliverts i managed to create an object that is duplicated as a particle on a mesh (first pic).

now i wanted to have some random orientation so that the cubes dont look booringly the same. according to the wiki http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Particles i should use [vect] but it creates the undesired effect as seen in the second pic.

what i want is only the cubes from the first pic rotated randomly and not the overlaying additional rotated cubes.

any help and/or tips?


I dont know if this will work, but try rotating the emmiter as it is producing particles.

Try dupliverts without applying the size and rotation of the dupliverted object first.

Search for the Saltshaker script. It’s a good one and I often use it to shake things up a bit. You could simply duplicate your objects, or even select various different objects and run the script. Then everything gets shaken up…:slight_smile:

thx for the tips. the saltshaker script is especiall good!