random? pathawn questiawn.

Ok, so I need to random numbers in python, but not just a random of numbers this is how i want it.

I need it to randon a group of numbers [ie: random 1 5 7 3, not random 1-7]

how do I do that?

It’s for a AI that I will release a tutorial for. (this is not my car ai demo)

I’m not familiar with the random actuator, but maybe you could think of 1, 5, 7, 3 as separate properties/variables, and not numbers.

Like a, b, c, d where:

I’m not sure if non-numerical random results are even possible with the random actuator though.

Why can’t it be 1-4 instead?

import random
myRandomChoice = random.choice([1,5,7,3])

Thanks you makinbacon!

Anytime, pal.