Random placement of meshes

Hello to one and all!

In Blender at the moment, I’m looking to create a robot based on the British television series of Robot Wars, except this robot is purely fictional, and will be totally made from my imagination.

It will stay true to reality, but my problem at the moment, is that I would want randomly shaped and placed spikes on it’s back. Kind of like a hedgehog, but with it’s spikes placed all over the place on the robots back, and in different sizes and shapes.

I was just wondering if such a thing is possible in Blender? I have a *.blend file, but there’s not really much progress in it… I have drawn arrows on the back of the robot. The “uphill” points towards it’s front.

I solved this by watching this video by Mr. Sorbias. Here he perfectly explains how this is done. The geometry generated can be rotated randomly like shown here. Then I basically need to make a few different shapes of the spikes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4Z_WGZLpm0