Random Room - Indigo

Well, here’s the scene with the Xbox I was talking about! Everything modelled in Blender ofcourse, rendered in Indigo. The rendertime was 62 hours:p Still a bit grainy tho. It has quite a few things in it. I wanted this room to look like people were living here. I think I didn’t do to bad. C&C is always appreciated for future work!


nice render

very nice

the objects are all modelled nicely enoughand the lighting is fine, but I think you should maybe look again at the scale of some of your objects. It seems to me there’s a bit of disparity there

62 hours??? Damn
Very nice render!
But I must say, floor material looks a bit strange and that little round sitting thing (if that what it is) also looks a bit too reflective. But I like the whole picture!

I do beleave that little round sitting thing is called a poof! After 63 hours rendering I wouldn’t want to change ANYTHING, which is just as well, as I don’t think you have to.

yeah, its a poof^^ thanks for all the comment! Will use your tips in my next projects

After 63 hours I wouldn’t have thought much of leaving it another day or so to get rid of the last of that noise, but I guess we’re all different… Anyway, it looks great!:slight_smile:

[Edit] Post processed it a little for you to make it prettier.:smiley:


Magnificent… Marry me! lol…no seriously, tell me what tutorials you used to use when you started out so I can follow. That is awesome! Throw that in the GALLERY! Envy…swelling…up…jealousy…breaking…lose…

*loose…by the way… 5 STARS!!

there isnt enough light coming from the window on the ceiling.

Yo yoeri, nice! Great design, very modern., 5 stars…
keep em coming!

Very nice render and model.

Still here? :slight_smile: Thats a long time ago.

Nice render dude really.

good work…but just wonder if 64 hrs is justfied for a work like this, i mean no offence but the scene would be just as well with yafray or maybe even blender internal…experts please comment.

Are you using neat image? Try it for your next indigo work.

Thanks for all the replies:) Well, after rendering it for 64 hours, it didnt seem like the rest of the noise was gonna go away, so I stopped it. And yeah, same result could easily have been achieved with Yafray, much faster…but Im not that good with yafray yet. I didnt use any tutorials, I just used my basic modelling skills. Oh and thanks for post processing it btw:)

can we have a wire of it.

NP, it’s just the “I’m feeling lucky” button in Picasa.:smiley:

Nice one! Looks very natural in lighting.
Just one thing : given the size of furniture, a standing person would be close to the ceiling and would probably have to bend to go through the door.
Other than that, it’s delicious, if I may say.