random rotation help

ok, so ive made a skysphere and textured it. now i want it to have a random rotation. does anyone have some script that can achieve this?


I don’t think you should be looking to scripts for all your problems. I mean that respectively, I am just saying that you can do quite a lot with logic bricks.

Try using a random sensor attached to a motion actuator.

ahh, im using and ‘Always’ thing…(whats that word?) and i have 3 motion acuators attached…lemme see what i can do…

ok i did, its kind of glitchy and laggy, like it moves and stops constantly every half a second and is very noticable.

Maybe use angular velocity.


Make sure you have Dynamic enabled.

PS. That might cause some problems unless you use alocation constraint.

ooo sounds like a good idea, and tried it. but even constraints dont seem to work…well what i have is good enough. ill post a video of the menu. its not all magical and great, but i like it. you will see how the skybox rotates and know what i mean. thanks for the help.:smiley:

umm know of any good recorders?

Front cam is free and easy. Other than that there are tons. Just look for “screen recorder” in google.