random scatter and drop rocks on a terrain mesh?

I’m looking for a way to randomly arrange objects on the surface of a terrain mesh. I’ve tried this script: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=41158, but the “drop to ground” part doesn’t work (the script is 10 years old). Any ideas?

I would use a particle system for this. This tutorial provides a nice overview of the methods used, and how to get nice control over placement if desired.


See the attached blend, I have instanced the rock objects on the hidden layer over the terrain mesh.


rocks.blend (411 KB)

I’m experimenting with using particles but the issue I have is that it only places them at the terrain’s vertices, so if I have a higher density of rocks they seem to appear grouped evenly.

Is the terrain fairly even in mesh density? Are you using Random and Faces in your particle settings?

To get more variety you can use weight paint.


I was using Random and Vertices. I’ll give your suggestions a try. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Try this video tutorial!

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