Random Sintel Sketch

Hello, fellow Blender artists!

Recently, I am becoming really excited about the progress of the Durian project (or is it the epicness??? :)) and one day while following the Durian blog, I found this render of Sintel’s cabin, of which you all may have seen multiple times by now:

Sintel’s Cabin Work in Progress

And since I thought it was a really great shot, so just for kicks and giggles, I tried to sketch it. I used a regular #2 pencil and 8.5x11 white paper to do this. It’s not bad for an hour and fifteen minutes of work (I’m 14 :o). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a scanner, so I tried taking a picture of it with my webcam. It’s pretty blurry and you can’t see the shading very well, so bear with me.

I hope this may please you Blender gods.


It’s really nice!!


Wow that’s really good. I wish I could draw that well. I really like the detail in the faces. I really get a feeling for their emotions. Keep up the good work and you could be an amazing artist one day!