random texture mapping - texture bombing

First the video:

I would recommend to watch it all for anyone interested in CG, so it should be anyone around here ;), but the part relevant for the thread topic starts at 5:50 and you should get the idea what is it all about pretty fast.

The question is: does anyone have any experience, he could share, in recreating this kind of image mapping in Blender? Just using a single image with random parameters for coordinates, blending, mapping type, etc. The more random and uncontrolled the process the better.

Any ideas are welcome.

I’m a newb at Blender, but my impression is that Blender excels at the 3D stuff, and texturing is largely done with other programs. In that case, it would seem that what you’d want would be a good UV layout and a program that’s smart enough to do your photobomb and create PNGs that you can later preview on the model.

I suspect something could also be done with Blender scripting, but I worry about the memory requirements of creating so many images. What he doesn’t really show there is how many ugly images he threw away while he chose the ones that looked good to display at the conference.

The number of iterations resulting in “ugly” patterns is not a problem at all, that’s the point of random aproach, you get tons of all kind of results, that you would not normally design by yourself, and you look for some usefull stuff in it…

It could be done in Blender for sure, the problem is, it will need some scripting, or some very clever nodes setup. I will try to explore both paths, already talked with the coder, but would be great to hear some creative ideas beforehand.