Random Thread for Random Short Movie

OK, I have decided to add this random thread for a bit of fun brainstorming to find a story, and then to animate that story. I have no idea what stories could happen, but anyone who is willing to commit some of their time to brainstorming, then helping out with the project later on is welcome to. All stories will have to go through me of course, but I will generally accept anything much. Anyone interested please post below!!

What about a story of a kingdom of one man only, where he stands as king, clown, soldier, and at the end of each day he get so tired of being so many things, that he fall asleep, and start´s all again in the other day…

could you explain a bit more plz? I get the general idea, and i think that it could work, with a bit of humor, but mabye if someone comes in halfway through, and helps him out a bit, and they could form a strong friendship or something? Sound like a good idea?

Well that was my 2 cents, one character many identities, the ambient could be a common kingdom room, where he start´s seated on the throne, and then the story evolves, the camera changes he´s already with the cloud clothes…

I like that idea, I second this.

Sounding good so far, anyone else got any additions to this story?