Random Vertex Color per Object?


I would like to assign random vertex color per object. Uniform per object. Like one will be all red, one all green etc. Not vertex-random.

I found out about getting tint variation depending on the object x y z but that does not do for me, I need my color ID map to be in the VC channels.


Like this?

Like this, but needs to be in vertex color channels. (Maybe we can start with this and bake this into VC?)

OK, what are you planning to do with it?

Bake a ColorID map.

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Ah OK. For Substance Painter or the likes?

Yes sir :slight_smile:

Looking for something like:

Substance Painter can already bake ID maps in its internal baker:


I’ll just head in Substance for this but initially I was in xNormal which takes the VC :frowning:

And also for prop functions etc in UE4 such function is very needed to me.

Found this for 20 bucks

Thanks for your help!
If anyone knows of other alternatives Im listening too!

Maybe you can try vertex colormaster

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Thanks a lot giving this a try

Almost there but unfortunately this is per UV Islands. This is still a great plug in I am keeping it thanks. I can always duplicate my geo, and fix UVs for required mesh it just adds up a step

Any advance with this?

I was more interested in applying random vertex colours to geometry with different materials applied. That Way can get ID Maps inside of the same geometry even when they are not loose parts on it. But no luck so far.