randomising objects for particle simulation

Hi All,

I’ve had a quick search for a solution to my problem, but nothing apart from this link which is closed and confusing :confused:.

What I’m after is either

A: a simple randomiser script to select from a range of named textures/materials and use the selected texture/material on a particle system. So the randomise feature would run each time a new particle was born.


B: similar to A - instead of randomising from a user-defined range of textures/materials, this would select a letter from a predefined range of letters and use it as the .text property of a font object, again this would run on a particle birth event.

my problem with developing this myself? well, I have no experience with Python, or the Blender API. So if you have suggestions, comments etc I would welcome them.

Cheers guys,

This isn’t really a solution to your problem, but if you use a ‘group’ visualisation for the particle system, you can make the system spawn objects randomly from within a group. So you can set up a group containing many different letter objects, and it will spawn them randomly.


That’s great! I had no idea that was possible…Perhaps I should experiment a bit more :spin: