Randomize animation

My scene have a very simple particle system, with a collection containing 3 animated (infinite loop) objects. I want to randomize the animations so it may look more natural. Need some help here. Thanks in advance.

You could simply set a rigid body cylinder or a cube dropping out of empty from some message (or empty should rotate from user mouse input) which is rotating with addition of cylinders or cubes acceleration to spin once they’re falling… it could be also a thick triangular shape, with perpendicularly set parented sensor ghosts in some small distance from cylinders “geberators” flat faces falling into a static box which has result checker object underneath of the static drop box that detects sensor ghosts with collision logic going through the static box to check on which one of the flat faces cylinder or cube has stopped spinning or rocking to generate data for something like slope from which results are sliding down to the end of the slope to make a qued up line of results and is equipped with something like equalizer puncher that hits end of the slope to end generated results and trigger play of animation mixed in timelines… slope can also be a rotating cylinder which turns like clock every time when result object falls on it and parents to it, imagine loading a revolver… in this way you can set generator “ghost sensor object” to drop when one of the results are missing via levelling integer properties and setting some “ifs” which wait for numbers to drop some to generate a new one so that your barrel is always full… from “system” optimization point of view depending how many users need to access the generated data if this gets twisted and applied for anything else. Peace!