Randomize modifier?

Idea: - Random modifier

randomly displace all vertices based on min/max xyz,

choose from algorithmic noise to pure randomness,

maybe add the home position + the last position + the new vector each frame? (so the vertices wander around where their original was?

this could be used in conjunction with wave modifier, and subsurf modifier
for the basis of volumetric fire or???

just a thought.

Why not just use a displacement modifier with a clouds texture scaled as small as possible

AceDragon’s suggestion should work just fine for what you are after.

is color clouds equivalent to 3d noise?

I would suggest the displace modifier too. It’s even better than random displacement, you would not have much control with just a random value. With texture displacement however it is all in your hands. And ccording to the manual (http://www.blender.org/manual/render/blender_render/textures/types/procedural.html?highlight=textures) all procedural textures are 3d textures.

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Couldn’t you also technically get a close variant by enabling proportional editing and setting the falloff to randomize?