Randomize normal direction and other normal editing tricks

I’ve used quite a while to find a way in Blender to edit normals, but I’ve not found any downloadable plugin that can be used to rotate multible normals by hand, or randomize their direction automatically. Does such tools exist even for Blender?

This was best I could find, but the plugin was not available to download in the download link they’ve put in the post. https://www.blend4web.com/en/community/article/131/

Basically what I need this, is to control the color of mesh with normal data and cycles material.

Normal edit modifier did not help me with this either.

edit: If such tool does not exist, this is also a request someone to do tool that can be used for advanced normal editing.

Have you read all the comments in that section?

Where can i download the normal editor and how do i setup it so its ready for use?

“You can download it in Download section of this site. It’s not just a normal editor. Normal Editor is just part of Blend4Web engine, but you can use it in your need as well, also you can export it to fbx etc. You need only addon version if you want to use only normal editor. For use just setup it like other Blender addons.”

Have you looked over on the Downloads over there?

I downloaded that pack and installed, but normal editor was not part of it. Maybe I downloaded wrong file then

…wrong file then

This would explain why you do not see addon.

Oh, maybe. I discovered also that the file I downloaded, somehow conflicted with node wrangler and it somehow stopped working on my computer.