Randomize textures in exact copies

Hi, i ve duplicated an object as instances, and now when i add a texture to one object, all the objects receives the same texture. I would like to keep my objects the same but randomize its textures pattern. How can i do that??? :eyebrowlift2:

but i thin that all your object are link

so you need to make each object single user
so go to the F5 material and click on the little X in the material this shold
make each object single user

then you apply one texture per object

hope it helps


Thanx Ricky, but i d like to use the same texture for all the objects, but just varying the offset coordinates of each individual so the pattern is different in each object but still using the same texture. I thought there might be a way of automate the random cuz if i ve tons of objects it would be very tedious.
thank you

I think what you want is the ‘OB’ button next to the ‘ME’ on the shader panel. One links the material to the Mesh, the other to the Object.

I’m not sure exactly how it works or if it is as simple as that, but its somewhere to start from.

hey organic that´s a good point, i tried it and worked perfectly for making each object independent, as simple as you explained. Now the problem i face is that every time i change the texture in the material, it changes in all the object. The only solution that i find is to duplicate the material once and again and change the texture in each different material, but guess there might be a better solution. It would be ridicule to have to create one material for each object if all of them has the same material but each has different texture map…

not only do you have to make your material single user
you also have to go to the F5 panel Texture panel and make them independant or single user too

then you can change the texture and it wont affect other object


Yeah, if you alter the material for one object it will change for every other object that shares the material, as you changed the material rather than a single instance of it. If you have dozens of objects and want them all to have unique textures, as far as I know the only option is to make a range of materials and apply them to the objects, or make each one a single user and change the texture. Maybe someone has a more efficient method.

great, making every Link to Object single user i fixed my problem. Thanx a lot dudes