Randomize UV rotation by 90° step?


I would like to randomize the UV rotation of linked object only by 90° step. I did this for location but I can’t figure it out for the rotation along Z axis.

random_UV_location.blend (572.5 KB)

Any idea please ?

I wasn’t sure if you want 0/90, 0/90/180/270, or 0/90/180/270/360, but this should cover the idea:

I’m using 1D White Noise… Err, wait… Since only two coords are used, you can use the Blue value to drive rotation, no need for the Hue conversion which would simulate a 4th “random” output. Manual rotate Z shown below, but can lately be done with the new rotate vector node. I’m using scalar multiplication of 1D White Noise to force up the variation, otherwise staying within 0-1 range could make it evident that they are from close location. Some generators (musgrave, smooth voronoi) can be sensitive to this though, might use 3D and Z paramater instead for this.

Hello and thanks ! I found a video who helped me to understand all of this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7vw5VeSIFg