Randomized objects in a bowl.

I’m trying to figure out how to fill up a bowl with an assortment of different pills without having to make each of them one by one till the bowl is filled. That would be way too much time consuming work.


Particles will probably do the trick, you only have to model each object once then then group them together. The particle system will randomly distribute them.

Could then make the particles real and drop them in the bowl with rigid body simulation.

Thanks for the replies. Does anyone know of any good tutorials on the particle system or the rigid body simulation?

No but I recorded the screen to show the process

Few notable things

  • At the beginning I’m changing the material link from data to object, because after converting the particle system to real objects they share data. When materials are linked to object, the data can be shared which saves memory, but still have a different material on each object
  • All objects have object scale applied (to default 1,1,1). Pills have rotation applied so that the long side is along Z. That allows to change the collision type to capsule and have it fit the geometry, which is much faster
  • Before making particles real, I’m moving the particle object to scene layer 2 (M). Afterwards I’m moving the particle emitter cube to scene layer 3. That puts the converted particle objects on scene layer 2, and they’re easier to select from there by selecting one and shift+G -> layer

That is awesome and thanks everyone for the help :slight_smile: