Randomizing Texture Coordinates in Material for Instanced Objects

Hi all,

I know there’re some of those threads but they don’t seem to cover my problem.
I got a bunch of objects(bricks), wich are all uv unwrapped and they all got the same test material. Every object has its own array modifier and I want the texture from the instanced-array-objects to be shifted by a random value. So that no brick looks like the one above or underneath.
Here is my setup and th result:

How can I shift with those instaced objects?

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Array modifier doesn’t array objects but mesh and doesn’t use instancing. The end result is that the original mesh gets the assigned material and coordinates and array repeats it.

With real instancing like procedural duplication (dupliverts/-faces) it would be possible to get the coordinates from the parent and so each duplicate would get their own coordinate. Sadly ‘from dupli’ option in Cycles texture coordinates is broken in 2.71, works in development version though.

One option to get unique coordinates for the array is to use uv project modifier. If you use another UV map for it, you can have the original and projected coordinates. Getting the whole texture to repeat over the whole array is already an advancement but if you want to shuffle those, maybe you could mix the original and projected coordinates. It’s not as random as you might hope but anyway

Ok, Thank you very much! That makes sence now.