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| My first official Blender Cycles render |

Random Environment

Christmas Themed Environment


Player is totally lame & will be replaced ASAP :smile:
Environment is based on Post-Apocalyptic under-ground shelter.
Ambient Occlusion textures look horrible as it is set to low -
because Blender Cycles sampling is SO process intense.

| Last Man Fighting |

| Blender GTA |
#Low-Poly (Was debatable)
This project was meant to be a collaboration with another game-maker named Emaster.
It didn’t work out & almost ended before it started.
Everything shown here is fully made by me.

| Random Show-Case Of Low-Poly Weapons |

Models & Sky + Muzzleflare texture is made by me.

I spent most time with BGE on this project.
Crosshair & Health-Pickup textures made by me.

Just 3 Monkeys. Metal texture was made by me.

This project was call (Asset-Viewer) which was a way to show-case assets in a quick way.
Fire-Hydrant + Crate models + Metal texture made by me. Used reference photo for Fire-Hydrant.

LOW-POLY TPS MULTIPLAYER game. Everthing was make by me.

Was trying to get AAA graphics on this demo.
Everything except Grass & Grime textures are made bye me.

Zombies, nuff said :wink:
Textures Crate & Cloth are made by me.

My first use of BLF module.

Kitchen. Anything except icon textures made by me.

Low-Poly environment.
Everything except Grime texture is made by me.
Used reference image for gun model.

Quake-like game. Everything except Grime + Metal texture made by me.

Experimenting with different assets. Everything except Brick + Dirt texture is made by me.

Storage_Room. Everything except Grime texture is made by me. Used reference photos for some models.

1 of my earlier projects to test graphics. Nothing is made by me.

Team_Wars. A TPS MULTIPLAYER game. Never really went anywhere sadly.

One of the first times I used water in my projects. HUD text was for displaying water speed which was dynamically adjusted.

This one of my first projects. A FPS MULTIPLAYER game. Ignore the missing textures :wink:
No assets were made by me.


Hey all.

Fixed the video link (don’t know why it wasn’t working :slightly_frowning_face:)

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Awesome portfolio work! I love it! Really channels the true gamedev spirit!

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what about ripping models from pre-existing games ?

your video


I want to know why the video link keep’s expiring or something :angry:

Thank you! :grin:

As I stated in the Screen-Shot description.
ALL the weapon models (in that certain video) are MADE BY ME.
(I know. Their that good) :wink:

you can easily export a whole map from Sauerbraten , game made with cube2 engine


Yes you can. I didn’t.

You want proof (?) Want me to pinky swear (?)

How is this even related to my video (??)

i have same issue with streamable since a few. I don’t understand why it keeps expire. You use which browser ?


I would advice what I do to fix the problem.
2 links.

  • 1st one preview link.
  • 2nd one manual link.
  • Added Last Man Standing WIP menu screen-shot.

Moved thread from #game-engine:works-in-progress-and-game-demos to #artwork for proper BA portfolio.

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  • Added Last Man Fighting (WIP) Gameplay screen-shot.

[UPDATED] Last Man Fighting screen-shot.

Last Man Fighting Graphics 2.0 screen-shot.

Last Man Fighting Graphics 2.0 screen-shot.

Forgot to mention [UPDATED & REPLACED] Last Man Fighting screen-shots with show-case video :sweat_smile:

You know, as some-one who tried developing games a few months ago, what you’re doing is actually brilliant, most people just want AAA quality right away, like the latest game, but that’s a mistake . . The best way is actually to start with very simple models, like yours here, slap some different colored materials on them, or, God willing make some simple textures . . Because, when you realize the second game in the series, or make an update, you will have an overview of all the parts and, know if your story is good, or not . .

What you can do, is start telling the story, and focus on that, and that will allow you to make progress instead of waste months in agonizing over small details, to get perhaps photo-realism . . Fuck that, make your story, get it out there, and if people like it, release it later with better graphics, or make a sequel, with your characters, perhaps with twice as much details, in the models, and so on - - Complexity is the bane, of many a good game idea, thinking things have to look like modern AAA games, to work, or tell your cool story, or your idea . .

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Thanks for the honest feed-back :smiley:
My older projects really do look bad :\ due to me struggling to even learn & complete things :smile:

[UPDATED] Last Man Fighting video.

[ADDED] Discord server invite link.

[UPDATED] Last Man Fighting show-case video.