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  1. Menu WIP for a personal project that I’ve been working on called Last Man Fighting
  • [ WORST & OLD STUFF ] :arrow_down:
  1. (GAME) This one of my first projects. A FPS MULTIPLAYER game. Ignore the missing textures :wink:
    No assets were made by me.

  2. (DEMO) Just 3 Monkeys. Metal texture was made by me.

  3. (DEMO) This project was call (Asset-Viewer) which was a way to show-case assets in a quick way.
    Fire-Hydrant + Crate models + Metal texture made by me. Used reference photo for Fire-Hydrant.

  4. (GAME) LOW-POLY TPS MULTIPLAYER game. Everthing was make by me.

  5. (GAME) I spent most time with BGE on this project.
    Crosshair & Health-Pickup textures made by me.

  6. (DEMO) Was trying to get AAA graphics on this demo.
    Everything except Grass & Grime textures are made bye me.

  7. (GAME) Zombies, nuff said :wink:
    Textures Crate & Cloth are made by me.

  8. (DEMO) My first use of BLF module.

  9. (DEMO) Kitchen. Anything except icon textures made by me.

  10. (DEMO) LOW-POLY environment. Everything except Grime texture is made by me. Used reference image for gun model.

  1. (GAME) Quake-like game. Everything except Grime + Metal texture made by me.

  2. (DEMO) Experimenting with different assets. Everything except Brick + Dirt texture is made by me.

  3. (DEMO) Storage_Room. Everything except Grime texture is made by me. Used reference photos for some models.

  4. (DEMO) 1 of my earlier projects to test graphics. Nothing is made by me.

  5. (GAME) Team_Wars. A TPS MULTIPLAYER game. Never really went anywhere sadly.

  6. (DEMO) One of the first times I used water in my projects. HUD text was for displaying water speed which was dynamically adjusted.


Models & Sky + Muzzleflare texture is made by me.

Since the link keeps expiring randomly for some unknown reason.
I’m just posting the actual link here :arrow_down:

:arrow_right: https://streamable.com/h6t5k


Hey all.

Fixed the video link (don’t know why it wasn’t working :slightly_frowning_face:)

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Awesome portfolio work! I love it! Really channels the true gamedev spirit!

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what about ripping models from pre-existing games ?

your video


I want to know why the video link keep’s expiring or something :angry:

Thank you! :grin:

As I stated in the Screen-Shot description.
ALL the weapon models (in that certain video) are MADE BY ME.
(I know. Their that good) :wink:

you can easily export a whole map from Sauerbraten , game made with cube2 engine


Yes you can. I didn’t.

You want proof (?) Want me to pinky swear (?)

How is this even related to my video (??)

i have same issue with streamable since a few. I don’t understand why it keeps expire. You use which browser ?


I would advice what I do to fix the problem.
2 links.

  • 1st one preview link.
  • 2nd one manual link.
  • Added Last Man Standing WIP menu screen-shot.

Moved thread from #game-engine:works-in-progress-and-game-demos to #artwork for proper BA portfolio.

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