Ranger/archer type

Hi guys
So I’m attempting to make a 3d medieval type rpg IN Unity 3D. i had not planned on doing the 3d stuff myself been spacially and artistically challenged but turns out I’m IT. Anyhoo at the toe end of April I started watching some tutorials and messing with blender and here is my first nearing completion model. But I’m not happy with it I am really struggling with the clothes and textures any tips on how to turn this into something professional looking?

Its a modular build as I will need to change outfits etc during the game so seperate pants tunic boot gloves and coat/cloak. Weighs in at 7k tris.

this is just max light looks out of place?

This has a bit more scenery and some natural type light looks a little better.

And here when animated have skin showing through. Already used the method of making the clothes from the mesh itself to get the weight painting and also made the clothing bigger on the froame so don’t want to make the cloak a balloon. What other method can i use to stop the poking through. Mask is not an option.

Textures are bits and pieces from image searches on googlr. Also does anyone know a very good skin tutorial especially one that includes the textures used.