Ranger - Game Ready Low Poly Asset (download included!)

Hey guys! I’ve been focusing on low-poly assets recently, so I wanted to work on something that would be both a challenge and a joy to create. Enter the ranger! I spent over 15 hours working on modeling, baking, and texturing.


The model is very low-poly, compared to today’s standards for games. It weighs in at 3372 faces, or 6548 tris. The textures in the render are 2k resolution, though it is a simple matter to scale them down to 1024.

Download link is here: http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/71099


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More images for those interested:

Thanks for taking a look!


Terrific job.

Good stuff! Nice texturing! :wink:

Very nice, please share it on www.opengameart.org as well :wink:

Cool! The character is nice.

Awesome! Dose this have anything to do with ranger’s apprentice or am i just overly obsessed with that series?

I like the textures a lot, nice work

Looks pretty nice. Overall the Topology looks pretty clean. The Texture is also very good, with dirt details, transitions of diffrent cloth and small details like the buttons with cords.

However, i found some things that i want to mention. Please don’t take it personal it’s just some advice:

I think you could save 400-600 Poly (i am only guessing, because i did not downloaded it), if you would delete the backside of the eyes, because you wont see them :-).
In the 3D Preview, the sword is not mirrored, so you only see the backside of it (the mirrored front side is missing)
The fingers are not connected to the hand (glove) which causes some problems. The thumb of the left hand is a bit below the glove.
May i ask why you did not connected all parts to one mesh? i think it would be easier to adjust the weight paint, when everything is connected (except the eyes, sword hehe)