Ranking System.=


I spent hours providing useful, interesting C&C to hundreds of works and dozens of artists. I cruised the forums every day for almost 3 months, all so that my username would say ‘Forum Monkey’ under it. Then, when I’m about 30 posts away from victory, you go and destroy the ranking system. WHY? Hours and hours trying to make rank, and now Nothing. This makes me depressed.

you’ll always be a forum monkey in our hearts

Post a picture with a banana in a blender (oooo, get it?)

And I’ll make you a forum monkey.

yeah same with me, i went and donated so i could get something crazy under my username (got some rude one written for a while) then they made me a mod and it wiped it :frowning: :frowning:

sucks doesn’t it :stuck_out_tongue:

i think the reason they removed it was because you had people with thousands of posts, but really nothing important to say for most of them. it was not a true reflection
of skill nor trustworthyness. you can still look at the post count of course. but it has no rank associated with it. maybe they could be brought back, i don’t know the exact reason they were removed. but is it really important


I would at least like custom titles.

I agree with saxofoner. Custom titles are the best. I think post count and a ranking based on post count is ridiculous. Oftentimes there is discrimination based upon post count. The ones with a low post count are usually “noobs” while those with a high post count are “pros”. As if Blender skills are shown through your post count :stuck_out_tongue: