Rant about lost TV show

I want to hear opinions on a certian detail from last nights episode, if there are any lost fans here.

Ok, The purpose of a timed self destruct sequence on a building is to make sure that the building and documents in it can not be captured by the enemy. For this to work correctly the scientist would have to trigger the self destruct sequence in a matter of seconds after coming into contact with an overwhelming enemy force, and then abandon the building. So thats why the dharma scientists had the great idea of putting this self destruct sequence at the end of a chess match that you have to win?! :confused::no: …um…right. If that is the peak of dharma intelligence it would not suprise me that they all ended up dead. If this represents how smart they are then they probably spent more time trying to figure out how to tie their shoes and avoid running into walls then working on research projects. I enjoyed the show when it started but things are just starting to get stupid now.

i agree, the show is going downhill. Last night’s episode just confused me more and made me miss the new southpark :(. Anyway, i think they should end the show soon and make some conclusions.:ba:

it was always gonna go downhill from the begining. it was just one of those shows with no great end.

PB: yeah, i had a similar reaction too.

the problem with lost IMO, is everybody’s acting to freaking normal considering that have polar bears, horses, tree bending pilot eating monsters, armed jungle dwellers, random planes, cars, hatches, imploding hatches, underwater hatches and power lines, french sniper ladies, random food droppings, kidnappings of doctors and rednecks, and disappearing black father and son duos… i mean for god’s sakes, they had a ping pong tournament on last night’s episode. everybody (except for jack, kate, and locke) seems just a bit too mellow with the situation.

season 1 was the only really good season… yet i still watch the show.

I have only watched 2 or 3 episodes of Lost (including the one where the electromagnetic generator building went crazy and exploded).

Lost in Space was much better!

Lost is a bit like everything good: the big companie$ see big money in the popularity of the show and sacrifice the story for $$$

It’s like Pokémon: it just keeps on being the same thing over and over just with more monsters you gotta catch/buy. The show has gotten worse over time: now you see more of the “legendary” (pokémon so rare they’re myths) than you see other, common pokémon. Ridiculous.

And I’m feeling Prison Break is not very different. At least Friends was the kind of show you can go on with forever due to the open-ended nature of human lives but I wouldn’t call it “milking” since the quality of the show didn’t really go lost over time.

But I suppose that as long as the majority of their audience doesn’t realize they’re in an infinite loop of “season ends -> many questions unanswered -> audience eager for next season -> next season is released -> many people watch it -> questions get answered, even more are raised -> season ends […]” they’ll keep on gaining $$$

Where are the good old books which never said “to be continued…” and which then show several pieces of text from the next book?

I don’t watch it, not my cup of tea afraid.

i dont watch tv, but rented the DVDs from season 1 and absolutely fell in love with the show. Then, the season 2 DVD’s were a little wierder and had more…disconnects. I have not seen season 3 but I can imagine they have the same difficulty I would have in like writing a song. If you dont know when the song is supposed to end, it gets hard to fill in more and more time (episodes). Sounds like they should just end it and wrap it up. and move on to “Found”.

Yeah, they’ve probably lost their original scripts, hence the name of the show.

charlesworth, you are unique person who can compare lost to pokemon.

here’s what’s the deal with lost:

the first season was great and had a huge amount of potential

season 2 was ok but started to make me worry about the amount of filler

season 3 has completely derailed into awful cheesy sentimental shit and absolutely NO explanations or real plot development AT ALL, and now people have fucking psychic powers to try and counter heroes’ popularity. my advice?

go watch heroes. everyone else has.