RANT : people who whine about blender not being like max

edit love that site :wink:

Looks like one of those ranting terrorists :wink:

is that hair on those legs I see

oh god that’s hot:o

oh wait…

That’s a dude :eek:

If I had it my way every women would be wearing swimwear a bit more modest then that (does not include head coverings)

I’d prefer my world without bakinis and tight fitting swimwear like that.

Why is that, exactly?

Though, in the case of this pic, I’d have to agree with you… (ugh)


rop, I think there’s a link between prudent feminine modesty and being “licked and chewed” by a Dragon, but I’m not quite sure what that might be… CD?

buckle up…

Ironically, it is the fact that emphasis is put on clothing the woman that makes taking the clothes off produce reactions within.

Some food for though:

Men in a heavily clothed society are more… aroused… by the most obscure things -like stockings and lingerie.

All the while, men in nudists or more natural societies see nude women everyday with out so much as a response.

Think about that for a while.

The clothing causes almost constant arousal in some. 24-hour nude does not.


weird. I just imagined her in a Victorian style wool bathing suit…You’re right CD, it’s much better.

And I think that so-called “gentleman” behind her could cover up too…doesn’t he know the effect he might have on vulnerable, impressionable teens?

I just noticed that comment.

For shame CD. For shame :no:.

As a rule, Man is a fool
When its hot he wants it cool
When its cool he wants it hot
Always wanting what he’s not got

I must say I’m a bit disappointed in CD not explaining his dichotomic mores. :stuck_out_tongue:

Max is akward XSI to …but the ones that keep ranting here are akward than` this two :))

Stop the rant and get a life!

sroy, hvanig turobel unedrstnadngi uyo

C’est drole:cool:


I have proved it once and I’ll prove it again, here and now. There is a hot, funny, and another hot, and it’s manifestation is Sammaron. Along with some modesty and cliched irony jokes.

on topic… RANT

What!? :spin:

Yeah, that didnt even make sense bro.

Until I see you doing this…
And this…

I refuse to rank you up there with Tina Fey
(haha, accordion?! brilliant.)

Wouldn’t an accordian be a little stressfull on the body as it would pull down on her?

Make her wear a 1 ton brick of lead and watch her fall through the stage.