[Rant post] Every version of Blender I downloaded is borderline unusable

First 2.8: I couldn’t render fire. Next 2.8X: Sculpting crashes, fire directly was non existent despite baking. 2.90-2.91: Unable to do liquid simulations (it just doesn’t show despite following the steps), Auto Rig Pro not working, fire-smoke simulations looked awful and would keep appearing as volume cubes no matter how much resolution I add to the domain. Unable to bind mesh to bones because I always get the "bone heat weight failed to find solution) despite being just a single cylinder with 10 sections and 5 bones. 2.92: I can’t even install add ons, but fun fact: it says it’s been installed but i can’t find it on the addon list so I’m limited to add the extensions built in Blender.
I just don’t understand anything, why E V E R Y single Blender update I download doesn’t let me fulfill fundamental pipeline tasks. Is it that my internet corrupts the downloads? what is it? I can’t work with Blender, and each update works worse.

I also used to have a similar issue, turns out it was a bad RAM stick, after I removed it blender started behaving even if with half as less memory.

I’d be suspicious of hardware, whats your computer specs? Did you update your drivers.

You say a lot; yet, amazingly, you say nothing.
What’s your computer specs?
Do you have more than 8 gig in that computer?

All of those versions have been working for seemingly millions. This suggests there is a problem on your side of some kind. I am curious as to what the problem will be.

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