Rant: Screw Graphics, Let's Have Some Text Games!

Having played “Morrowind” (there, VK, now I can flame you over it better), I found that the game was a waste of time. I wasn’t following the story, so the developers probably thought I didn’t need to play. Really, what the heck is with that whore-guy? (I was playing as a girl, okay?) I wanted to kill him, but not being able to get proper things, he always managed to kill me first.

Anyway, I’ve also played “Grand Theft Auto 2.” It’s fun, but there are only 22 missions in the first level, and most of them are ridiculously easy. For example, a red mission (only for when your gang has extreme respect for you) had me going and blowing up a tank. How? A rocket launcher. I barely needed to fire a bunch of missiles before I’d finished the mission. Punchline: This was the last in a series of missions for one gang, the Yakuza.

My point? We have the potential to make lots of cool games with lots of missions, but we’re bogged down by graphics. Let’s f*** the graphics and have some text games! It’d be fun to play a crime game similar to Grand Theft Auto 2, but with less focus on graphics and more focus on the missions. I’m pretty sure we’re wasting a bunch of time and CD-ROM space on the graphics. Why not just switch from doing graphics to text-only games? If you absolutely need graphics, go ASCII!

Does anybody agree with me on this?

Um… No.

fraid not, want proof? look at half life, and half life 2

edit: I mean, look at the potential

I do agree that the gamedevelopers should pay more attention on the story of the game, but ripping graphics out wouldn’t help on that.

I know some games like “Half-Life” absolutely need the best graphics possible. But some games, such as ones where you have to go on missions, would be perfect in text mode, or even just a more 2D world. 3D is used in GTA2, and the game has screwed up on me numerous times.

Some games could use less focus on the graphics and more on the story. Text mode might help out.

hate to be the blind man playing musical chairs…
I’m sorry, I just find the thought of text only games- scary

This is a cool text-only adventure. I’ve never finished it, but it’s cool and well-written.

if the page would only show up

If you like more text mode games, you should start rolegaming, I bet you’d like them (and no, I do NOT mean computer “rpg’s” but the real thing, pen-and-paper-rpg’s)

I don’t really think that the 3D made gt2 boring…I think it’s the GAMEPLAY.

GTA was alot better than GTA2 because it got more speed, more cars and things like that…not because it had poorer graphic!

I think game developper need to find a good balance. Don’t put everything in graphic…Just a good story with “good” graphic and everything will be cool.

Look at Doom 1 & 2. I mean you won’t tell me the grahic are awesome but the game is still very very good (well at least to me :stuck_out_tongue: )

well put x… :stuck_out_tongue:

At the time, when there was no graphics gamedevelopers produced tons of textgames, like the Zork series, or softporn (considered to be first Larry game). At those times there still was demand on decent stories. Not many games came even close to the same innovativity than Zork games, which has one of the most sofisticated pareser systems of it era.

IMHO the best textadventures were produced by Legend in sometime mid '90, when Fredrik Pohl’s Gateway was released. I can recomend, two very exelent games. Also other Legends text adventures are rather entertaining, like Eric The unready.

Ther’s my two cents.

Alright, some developers DO put WAY too much time into graphics and barely any into gameplay (look at serious sam). But though there are a bunch of people that did and do play text games, there is a way higher potential for making money through graphical games. Text games, in my opinion, are just boring. You get descriptions of rooms or objects or things, but it’s not even as good as reading a book. In order to have a fun game you have to have at least SOME graphics, not a bunch of stings of text that’s supposed to help you beat the game.


walkthroughs have pictures and text! but cheats only have text…

X-Warrior: Doom is amazing!!!

Cubefan, I think you should probably stop ranting and talk about something which won’t end in lots of people disagreeing with you.

I would like to see a clone of D&D for the computer.

Ah, but that is easy :slight_smile:
Take any of the so-called rogue-like games (Nethack, Angband or my favourite ADoM, to name a few), they should do the trick. If you want more players, Multi-user Dungeons (MUD’s) are for you :wink:

But, I think I know what you mean, and I would like to see that game too… Neverwinter Nights is supposed to be quite close to that, for in that game, a “gamemaster” can create an adventure that a bunch of people can play online. What I hear about that though, is that it’s really bugged and doesn’t work well :frowning:

There you go Cubey - all the text adventures you can ever want!


9:05 is a good one, as is Trinity

To get the best out of text adventures (Interactive Fiction), on todays pc, rather than running in dos mode, download an interpreter for windows:


other machines:


“A hollow voice says ‘Plugh’.”
– Adventure

Enjoy - and let your imagination be the 3d environment!


If there were no graphics, then you wouldn’t have cut scenes (Final Fantasy :smiley: ) Or big explosions!

I used to love BBS text games back before I got addicted to the net. Does anyone remember ‘Trade Wars 2002’ ?

/me gets all teary eyed