[rant] why can't cycles be like DX12?

here’s a new link

basically, DX12 can do shared memory, where memory in each card can stack up…

i know that each card needs to have cache the scene in the memory, and stuff… that’s why it’s a rant

I’m really interesting in this, anyone care to explain why cycles wouldn’t be able to do SFR (split frame rendering)?

Apparently some graphical applications already support it.

MarkW said in the comments on this link

We are still roughly 2 months away from the Windowshttp://images.intellitxt.com/ast/adTypes/icon1.png 10 release. Until that day comes, I would not expect too many companies to be promoting the fact that they support DX12, outside of video card companies.

After Windows 10 is released, I think every rendering company, and any other company with a graphical program, will be scrambling to optimize their usage of the new DX12, or OpenCL which will also be using the new “closer to the metal” code.