Sorry guys I need to vent.

I’ve been using blender for a couple of weeks now and it feels like I’ve fought it every step of the way.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m fast losing patience with Blender, you shouldn’t have to look up every single thing you want to do. It really is the most unintuituve program I have ever used in my entire life.

I appreciate it is an ongoing development and also free, plus you’re able to get similar results to software costing thousands but still, it’s like usability isn’t even on the list.

For example, I have a series of vertices, I want to copy them and flip them horizonally, I don’t want to mirror them, I just want to flip them. Cue half an hour of googling and turning up nothing.
I also want a rectangle with radius corners, where’s the fillet tool?
Ok there isn’t one, so what’s the answer? No, I don’t want to subsurf the whole mesh I just want those 4 corners with a radius. Ok I might be able to ‘spin’ around a corner, google turns up nothing. Ok I’ll draw a seperate circle and merge it, delete all but a corner of the circle, ctrl+shift+tab ‘lock to vertex’ press control, snaps to the wrong vertex… and so it goes on.

I really can’t believe how insanely convoluted it is to do the simplest of things and the shortcut system? You’re having a laugh. You press W to bring up the wuh, wuh erm specials menu, press E to bring up the edge tools menu, oh no that’s extrude.
It’s ok I’ll map the shortcuts/key commands myself, looks for a tab called either of those in the preferences section, ok it’s called ‘input’ but EVEN THAT is overly complicated, you need to assign the same shortcut 7 or 8 times. Why you would want a different set of shortcuts depending on what page you’re on is beyond me.

And the main select is right click?!!! I know you can change it but who thought it was a good idea to have the main select as right click?

That’s my point, it’s like no thought at all has gone into making the program usable.

Now, like I said, I know there’s alot of very clever people working hard to make this free program as good as the majors and that it’s a work in progress but having to stop at every step and start googling is wearing thin.

Honestly if it wasn’t for some great members on this board I would have given up a long time ago.

…and breathe… :wink:

Ok I think that feels better. Did any of you guys have similar frustrations when starting out?

(EDIT: To all the great people trying to help, this was a summary of my learning curve with Blender, I’m actually doing ok with things and have seen DAYS (not hours) worth of tutorials. I still think the control system would be much better setup differently but I appreciate people have gotten used to the way things work. For someone new to 3d and blender there are better ways to do things IMHO. In general it is tough learning 3d from scratch and sometimes you just gotta let that frustration out, you know? :wink: )

It sounds more like the way blender phrases it;
copy - duplicate [ not technically the same thing, but for this it’ll do]
‘spin’ - rotate
flip - well… idk actually… Size by -1?

ctrl + E for edge tools btw

Just out of interest, what other 3d programs would you recommend for intuitive workflow?
Blender does have a maya preset…

Personally, I turned to Blender after discovering the Sketchup’s irritating forced snapping couldn’t be disabled. That was a major showstopper to me, even though the program per se is simpler and apparently more user friendly.

It’s true that Blender isn’t a program you can jump on and be immediately productive with, but if you follow some tutorials you’ll get past the point you are (frustration from apparently being unable to do anything) relatively quickly.

LOL… I just won’t get into everything, but this I just gotta reply on… Yes, it’s absolutely insane to have main select as right click. With risk of being strung to a tree hanging from my b*lls I must say that the whole mouse-shortcut-setup is beyond a mess and those who love it used Blender for years. Coming from a Mac/Windows graphical background, if I didn’t have the choice to change the main key layout for Maya’s, I’d never use Blender, I just would’n… ;D

So no, you’re not alone, but much if what you write is probably also colored by what software you used before, and you don’t specify that, hehe… ;D

try the maya keymaps
I have Look at my “Super Maya Keymaps” in the released script and themes section
(i need to update them though… will do it later today)

It sounds like you are trying to use blender with an incompatible workflow. This often happens if you have used another program in the past and you try and use the same workflow in both.


Forget all you have learned and simply find a video on basic modeling techniques and copy the workflow.

Its a bit like trying to use a screwdriver like a spanner and complaining it does not work well. A spanner and screwdriver do similar jobs but they cant be used the same way. It does not mean that one is better or one is faulty.

Shortcuts are only a problem if you already know shortcuts for a similar program, their is nothing intuitive about E meaning edge or E meaning extrude or E meaning execute. What ever you learn is what it means to you, diffrent software programs have diffrent short cut keys. Its something that you have to live with.

I advice you dont remap the shortcut keys, it will only slow your learning and make it harder to watch tutorials.


Ctrl+V = Vertex commands
Ctrl+E = Edge commands
Ctrl+F = Face commands
W = Specials

If you remember those you can organize your brain to use them the same as you would a context sensitive menu for most things. 3DBuzz has a nice set of intro to Blender tutorials. Goes from UI basics to modeling/texturing a character. Guy doing them isn’t a Blender native either so contrasts it with Maya and stuff. Might be worth checking out if you haven’t already.

I feel like that every other day but you just gotta shut up and get things done or use something else.
dont let the rage get on top of you.

My Super Maya keymaps are easier… more consistent.

Ctrl+W = Specials
Ctrl+V = Vertex commands
Ctrl+E = Edge commands
Ctrl+F = Face commands

sounds like you need to work on your google search skills
you also need to be more patient
You could also read the blender manual http://wiki.blender.org/
If you don’t like the shortcuts, you can change them. In the user preferences.
You could also press spacebar to do a search
You should try using the dynamic spacebar addon that comes with blender

Glad it’s not just me and thanks for trying to help but I’ve got most of those things covered now, I was just explaining my thought process at the time :wink:

I’m a gui designer and there’s a trend for the knobs to be at an angle so they’ve got to be 3d, which is what got me started on this rollercoaster from hell :wink: I’m making some head way, this is mostly 3d…

and this is mostly photoshop with 3d elements…

I haven’t made them image links because I don’t want the thread to be about that, I just had to let off some steam.

I’m definitely going to look into the maya keycommands, as I think that’s been the biggest stumbling block for me. My left hand is doing gymnastics and until I get the muscle memory to think a command and do it, it’s going to continue being a chore.

Trouble is Blender is my first experience of 3d completely so not only do I have no frame of reference but I don’t know ‘the rules’ and quite often I’m tripped up because of an idiosyncrasy because what I’ve drawn doesn’t conform to the 3d rules.

I did start writing out my own key commands, ctrl-a - select all, ctrl-d deselect, you know ‘normal’ key commands and I tried to implement them but when I realised they were strewn over many pages I gave up.

I know for the veterans it’s all second nature but for a noob, it’s a nightmare. It has felt like a bit of a mensa test at times, having to think your way around the program and get done what you need to do. Like Jynx said, you just gotta plough on through…

+1 dynamic spacebar addon
i use it all the time.

blender is the most intuitive program in the galaxy

If you cannot find out what to do by googling then come to the forums and ask, and if that fails its likely not a feature or a bug.

Sounds like you’re upset that you need to learn? You’re two weeks in. There isn’t a 3D program in the world that you can comfortably learn in two weeks. My advice is RTFM and maybe brush up on your Google-fu. I don’t think I’ve ever run into a problem that didn’t either have an add-on or quick workaround to fix.

Oh my gosh, you guys- apparently, Blender is difficult and no one told us!

LCG, you got it; perseverance will carry you through. For what it’s worth, I’m an Old Guy, my experience with computer modelling began in CAD with a lash up that connected a small on-site computer and terminal with a mainframe via phone modem. In the years since, I’ve worked in almost every 3D modelling program and the one thing that they have in common (For me, anyway) is that not one of them was even remotely intuitive. Be of good cheer; it will start making sense sooner than you think.

LCG. It’s not Blender. It’s working in 3D. It is a whole different ballgame.

First time I tried Blender I was BAH! and FUUUUUUU! after 5 minutes and didn’t touch it for a month or two. The second try was better, I checked some UI videos to grasp the concept behind the app and I’m hooked on Blender it ever since.

Can I just put the lid back on this can of worms? :wink:

I see some of you are taking things in the spirit it was meant and others have forgotten what it’s like to be new to blender, let alone 3d in general but that’s to be expected I suppose.

I gotz ma google-fu down man, I’m like the google guru, but it’s hard to search for something you don’t know the name of eg: I wouldn’t have known to google ‘conformal’ what I actually googled was ‘blender uv mesh wrong shape’ and that still didn’t get me where I needed to be. Like I said in those cases it’s a matter of posting here and hoping someone helps. Richard, proxe, eppo and abbey_normal have helped me loads so props to them.

The manual has a few missing pages too you know :wink: and sometimes the pages that are there don’t make alot of sense.

The long and short of it is, it’s tough and frustrating and time consumuing and I’m impatient and you’re right temujin, it is a whole different ball game :slight_smile:

Thanks to those who have offered words of reassurance :slight_smile: