ranting about copyrighting and cc or cc+ or something for a 2dollar comic


i am working on telling my story, and have started showing people the people’s of the story , first with the Teklaharia. and i have been thinking about licenses and copyrights. and paying my artists who are willing to submit to my draconian terms. namely i dont want my art sold for insane prices especially for a comic book.

so i started looking at creative commons , and im wondering everyones opinion of this.

im thinking about releasing everything about my comic as free to play with non commercially.
im not sure of the details yet,
but i want to make sure if you are selling it , there is a maximum price. because everyone who went into making the comic belives it should be cheap and all the profit should be shared with the studio. so all of the comic’s copyrighted materials are considered joint owned by my art studio and the individual artist who made it, "only so we can share the profit together fairly. "

maybe im too messed up , but if you arent getting paid to do it , id like people to have my art for their art, and well, if you are getting paid, everyone who went into it needs to get what they deserve.

so in the end i was wanting to sell the high quality download , or printed comics , for a maximum of 2 bucks … its just a comic , some pretty pictures and a little story , and i feel like im being greedy for only wanting 2 bucks a copy for a webcomic thats free online.

am i too crazy ? how do ya, deal with prices and copyrighting anyone else out there… all i want to do is keep on making comics or anything

and im going crazy trying to figure out how i can just be able to just let people make art and play fair when its all this cheap to begin with? and make sure those evil people who want to just profit from it and not pay the artists are kept in line

( i apologise for anyone who actually read this rant fully,)
thanks for the great 3d program thats able to make a webcomic finnaly :slight_smile:

Go for a non-commercial CC license and do downloads through Wowio. When you sell print comics, sell them for the full market price. Dave Sim (Cerebus the Aardvark) wrote extensively on this; if you sell your comic for less than the market price people assume it must be crap and don’t buy it.

dave sim was an interesting read , but i wont ever sell my comics for more than 2bucks a copy… im interested in the wowio service , but it seems like they are temporaily not availible.

the 2 dollar price came out of my personal experience working in a thrift shop in the d.c. area, and i watched a little kid being “diciplined agressively” by an angry parent who had ony given the child 5 bucks to buy something in the shop. the kid was stuck between a 4 dollar toy and a 6 dollar comic. and their parent was not going to fork over any more money that they didnt have , so the kid could get both.

so i rang the items up on sale (by mistake wink wink) and made sure the kid got both for 5 bucks.

since then i just keep thinking if that used copy of a comic book, wasnt priced high enough that it was 6 bucks in a thrift shop… then i might not ever hear another parent have to say, “im not going to let you waste anymore of my money on a bunch of stupid drawings after i already gave you 5bucks for the week”