Rap - Your opinions

So, whatcha fellas think about it. It seems to be going both ways, and i just kinda wanted to post something, so here it is.

Personally, i think they’re fun to make, and the professional ones blow my mind. I don’t really listen to it, but i think they are lyrically genius (for the most part). I don’t appreciate all the crap crammed into some raps, but it certainly does make for good jokes:D

So, say what you think

How about you write a little rap (or poem whatever:D) and say what you think. That would be cool :smiley:

well rap to me is more in the heart
its certainly not something written by retards (had to lol if you know what im talking about its funny lol).

When I get home I’ll share some of my poems with you guys (at work now). I’m not a rapper so I can’t just flow like they do lol. Well I can but usually never that fast and always a lot more brainy…raps a bit dumbed down for my taste.

When it comes to rappers like 2pac…its the greatest thing. But when your listening to 50 cent banging in the back ground…you realize just how bad it really has gotten. Takes almost no skill anymore. Pick a beat, loop it, and every so often go NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH nuh nuh nuh nuuuhHH throw in something derogatory about your bitch and you’ve got a label in the making. “I’ve got the magic stick”…wtf…since when did I want to hear about your dick?
Back in the day…it was skillful, and a bit more tasteful…not much…but a bit.

I like some rappers like tone loc, MC Hammer,young mc, Blondie should have never rapped, beastie boys, do Rage against the machine rap ?, and there’s heaps others. But I never got into gangsta rap.

Ya, the new stuff is often crap, but i like some of it. Old school rap is better tho :smiley: Ya, lets hear your poems. Post em on this thread or make a new one whatever. I think writing raps is easier, cuz it is kinda dumbed down. I’ve yet to write a rap about something serious. Unless Pimps and Hoes are serious (Ha! jk, i write raps about cool stuff like drugs(Ha! just kidding, i write raps about cool stuff, and not drugs) I guess if retards don’t write raps, they write poems :smiley:

Just kidding, we sholdn’t talk about retarded people all mean like :frowning:

From what I’ve heard from Rage against Machine, i wouldn’t call it rap. MC hammer is funny stuff :smiley:

I once heard a comedian describe rap like this:


Although I know it’s a bit of a crude joke.

Ta - Rage Against the Machine is in among the top of my lists I’ll have you know.

@LOTRJ: Yeah, sort of like he was attempting to be funny. Old school rap is lots of fun, and there are some truly skilled lyricists in teh genre, but for the most part, it totally sucks now. I mean, Soulja Boy? What a disgusting song with zero lyrical beauty.

And yet its so popular(so stupid).

So I like it. But only some of it, and not usually the new stuff.

I know, i heard someone say t on a different thread and i kinda got on him. And apparently HouseArrest was also on that thread, so i was making fun of him :smiley: