Rapid Fire (Update)

Hey all,

I was trying to figure out a good way to have a machine gun like fire particle burst. The method i have come up with is quite tedious, but is capeable of moving along with my mech when it’z walking, which is a bonus for animation!!! :wink:
Anywayz, just thought i would show what i have got so far and see if anyone has any tips for improvement.



Blend on, and blend well!!!

Not bad at all :slight_smile:

Could be better if:

  1. burst were less cubic… it looks TOO cubic

  2. it creates some smoke

Stefano (I forgot to sign :o )

Hey again,

Thanks for your suggestions S68, i made the fire particles less cubic, as well as added some smoke effects for eacho shot, and i think your right, it made it look a whole lot better. What do you think? :wink:

http://mysite.iptic.com/bapsis/rapid_fire_s.avi (404kb DivX)


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Much better with smoke and less cubic explosions.

Very nice :slight_smile:

Like it…

I’m dreaming of a battlemech of my own… will be hard to match this quality :slight_smile:


Excellent work!

It is great to see that with every new project you start, you have gotten better and better. Keep on going.


Looks pretty good. I have one suggestion:

  1. Add a flash of light that illuminates everything sround it - kinda like a camera flash. This would happen for each round fired.

Okay,…I have another.

  1. The force and speed of the projectile probably would push most of the material that would cause the smoke to be spread out thin in front of the gun so there would not be so much smoke. But there would be some and after a while it would accumulate into a cloud around the gun. Those big canons of WWII would put out a lot of smoke because they use a lot of powder - but a bullet would be more efficient.


Thanks for your comments guyz!!! :wink:

Lingowizzard: There is a light running an energy cycle of blasting every 5 frames (every time a new shot first appears), and dying off by the last of the 5. I thought it was quite obvious, and had thought of lowering the intensity of the flash, guess i had better not if you couldn’t see it. hehe :wink:

I definatly think that not only should the smoke be spread out more, but it should also emmit itself faster. The only thing is i have already maxed out the speed on the X coordinates, and they wont go any faster. And because they are slower, the spread of the randomness starts too early and goes through the metal of the barrel. So if anyone knows how to achive better looking blast smoke please let me know as im a particle noob and just figuring this out as i muck about. :wink:

Anywayz, I will keep you guyz updated on the progress of this project.


Blend on, and blend well!!!

First of all, it looks good. Any critisisms I have are strictly from a nitpicking stance. :smiley:


First of all, if this is a gatling-style gun (which it certainly appears to be), the shot should alway emerge from the uppermost barrel at the peak of its revolution. see http://www.howstuffworks.com/machine-gun2.htm about 2/3 down the page for more info.

Secondly, bullets emerging from a gun such as this are red-hot, and thus appear to leave a streak behind them. I have found that a single point emitting vector particles gives exactly such an effect. This is also useful, because the particles act correctly even with a moving emitter, and dupliverts can be used.

Finally, the bursts IMHO, should be more “raindrop” shaped. Energy is exiting the barrel at a high velocity. The bursts are typically depicted as raindrop shapes with the wide end at the barrel of the gun and the narrow end pointing in the direction of fire.


Good work overall, though and keep it up. :smiley: