Rapid Geometry Remove Add-on - CL Eraser - Free

Here’s a free add-on, which enables rapid selection and deletion of objects and geometry in the 3D viewport.

Simply click and drag your mouse over geometry to be removed and it will automatically be removed. It works in both object and edit modes.

In edit mode, you can delete verts, edges, faces, or geometry loops, with accuracy and speed. The add-on also allows for geometry dissolve, geometry de-selection, and changing of selection cursor size.

It was originally part of a set of tools I’m working on at the moment (Construction Lines) but I decided it would be useful as a standalone tool.

Let me know if you find it useful. Below is a video of the main features.

Have a great weekend!

Download CL Eraser Here: https://gum.co/XZOpk


I’ve noticed a change in the Blender 2.83 event system which means that dragging to delete in CL Eraser requires two clicks to start. I’m not sure if it’s a bug with Blender or just a change in the way the events register. I’ll update when I know.

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Just uploaded a fixed version Cl Eraser 1.0.1 on Gumroad. Now works with Blender 2.83 events system changes.