Rapid PBR Material Creator - Import PBR materials with one click!

Hi guys!
I finally created an addon that will reduce PBR materials creating time to ONE second.
Basicaly it makes materials for you.
Just choose the directory with textures you want to use, click one button and you are done.
No more repetitive joining nodes and choosing textures manually.
It also provides a button to reload all textures, so you don’t need do it by hand anymore.

In my opinion it is a super-usefull tool.
I always needed something like this :grinning:

Check it out here:

Or here:

What do you think? Is there something to improve?



Really nice addon that will speed up the node setup for this.
It would be nice to select the folder -or- select the base color texture of the set you want to use in the folder, and the script will pick the rest and run as usual.
Often there’s just one texture folder, and with multiple texture sets this addon will not work.



Wow thanks
I will definitely consider this. It will need some rebuilding of the addon but that’s a great idea.

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Btw. It has been staff picked on Blender Market!


How is this different to the node wrangler solution?

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This is what I first thought of when I saw this. Don’t see any difference with this addon.

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Here I am with the answers.

Vs Node Wrangler:

  1. It supports OpenGL and DirectX normal maps automatic import.
  2. No need to select textures to load them.
  3. Much more efficient texture searching algorithm from the programming point of view.
  4. Also proper handling of ambient occlusion textures.
  5. Plus as far as I know Node Wrangler has problem when you have texture named “MetalPlate_Normal” for example. It can detect it as metallic texture.
    Of course Node Wrangler is also an useful addon but in PBR material creating case it needs more tweaking than clicking one button.

Vs NodeSet Pro:
NodeSet Pro is twice as expensive.
You are paing for extensive configuration options that in fact are not super useful in PBR times because PBR uses only specific set of textures.
Without this options Rapid PBR Material Creator is super light addon comparing to NodeSet pro and I will not consume this much CPU power. I am aware that someone may want these options.

Vs both:

  1. Has extra option to replace materials.
  2. Has update materials button - extremely helpful feature.
    In General it is more “rapid” I would say :slight_smile:

I very much agree with RobWu’s point of view and hope to realize this function as soon as possible.

I have just updated the addon!
Now it supports Specular/Glossiness PBR workflow and automatically links Texture Coordinate nodes to all textures.
Displacement maps are now also supported.

i bought the addon but i encounter error

here is the error my build is around may 20th

where can i find older builds of blender?


Thanks for buying.
Blender API has changed that is why the addon had problems.
It is fixed now and works with the newest version of Blender! (from 22.05.2019) :slight_smile:

i downloaded the latest blender build bot still doesnt work

i reset the blender default factory settings

This is the version ive use

addon version ( bought from gumroad )

Download and install new version of the addon from Gumroad. It should be 1.2.3 :slight_smile:

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its works perfectly , i didn’t know there was a update , no update notification arrive ( mail )
and the latest version 1.2.3 fix the problem for latest build

when i bought the addon this morning its 1.2.2 and when i check it again its now 1.2.3
happy that it was updated quickly

thank you

Hi MattSzymonski.
Do you have plan for support Opacity map?

Sure, it will be implemented in few weeks.

What’s more, I am planning to finally add the long-awaited support for “combined maps” .
So that the user can combine roughness, metallic and ambient maps into one texture as separate channels and the addon will take care of connecting them properly.


And here it is - a major update!
Packed textures (or combined maps) and transparency maps are now supported as you wanted!
Check out new video to learn more.

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Hey man. I just bought this and I was wondering if the glossiness to rough node should link automatically as it does not. As it has a slider to invert, it should automatically connect the texture with the invert node.

Fixed, please download the latest version (2.0.1) :slight_smile:
Thanks for reporting this issue

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Thanks for that. Any chance we can have presets or at least a way to maintain the suffix settings until you change them manually? Or maybe even alternative names so it always finds the texture whether is called Albedo, Color, Diffuse…