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Suffixes modifications are being saved in your project file so you don’t need to change them everytime you open the project.

It could be possible to write the addon in such way that it will be able to determine texture type by more than one suffix however due to long texture searching times (algorithm needs to compare the name of each texture with all other textures and all other suffixes) I rejected this design idea.

Yeah I realize about that after posting. For some reason one of the times I restarted Blender it didn’t hold the suffixes but it does now. What do you mean by the long texture searching times? I guess the folder you select will contain only 6-7 textures?

Hmm this is possible however not crucial. Most people use their own stable suffix convention.
I hope that only few change their color texture suffix between _Color, _Albedo and _Diffuse (BTW these are 3 different things)
But I will consider implementing this.

Even tho they differ they are used in the same way and most PBR or texture packs come in one or the other you rarely have them at the same time. The only thing is names normally change sometimes being Col, Color, Diff, Diffuse, Albedo, Alb. It could get complicated. I get it. Any chance we can have a bump slot too?

Sorry for this delay. I was having some vacations.
Back to your question, bump slot is already implemented. It is called “Displacement” in the addon.


request can you add a function
we can save a custom suffix presets
and we can load it , by choosing drop down list box

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I think it might be an overhead. I don’t think there are many people using more than one set of suffixes.

If you use your custom suffixes and you are annoyed with typing them every time you create new project you can simply open Blender, set your suffixes and click File->Defaults->Save Startup File. In this way you will have them set up in each new project.

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Thank you very much! I’m glad you like it :grinning: