Rapid Texture Change

Ok, so in my Game dev. -[K]- Games we’re currently working on a classic mario clone…with a bit of a twist =P. So it leads me to one question. How do I rapidly change the texture to a 2d Sprite, is it python? Like so when I hit right it goes right and changes the UV map constantly to the sprite walk cycle. I will probually end up making mario 3d if it’s not a simple solution but it would be really cool to work on a 2d game in blender rather than another 3d game that never gets done.

I don’t think that there’s currently any way to change UV maps in realtime unless you use an “offset”. I was told a while back that you can set an offset and access a different part of your texture in realtime but I have no idea how to do this.

You could try using the replace mesh actuator and see how things work from there = )

like Ven0mSevenX said you can change the uv coordinates in realtime

Download this blend: http://www.savefile.com/files/496631

Sorry for the very short answer but i only got time to create this simple .blend file before going to school.

One last note the python script is not mine, I found it somewhere i can’t remember and found it useful. It appears that has been done by Pepius.

Why not go for a 2dgametool then u create a 2dgame? Its many freeware out there.

This should be a link to Doc Holiday’s texture animation script. It has a number of different cycling methods all in one script. I was going to use it for a small 2d character but never got around to it.


@mr_yeahman: sometimes people want 2d characters and 3d backgrounds (think paper mario). If it’s done right, it makes for quite a nice visual style.

Yes, that’s what i’m going for =]