Rapier - Critique on materials, shading and presentation

Please offer your thoughts on materials, shading and general presentation!

(Critique about everything else is welcome too.)

β€” Some of my thoughts:

  • I think the blade looks too rough.
  • the iron materials look too clean and bright. I had difficulties to achieve a look like refurbished iron. It often looked like it spend two weeks, lying on a busy road, in the rain.
  • The leather lacks SSS, i think thats noticeable.
  • I think a better distinction between the parts material-wise would help. The Iron looks too uniform right now.

β€” A proper Description:

Modelled loosely by reference.

  • 11,3k faces, all quads, subdivision capable
    could have gone with less faces, but i preferred indidividual parts over creating a single watertight mesh.
  • 4 Textures 2k each

I struggled a lot with UV-unwrapping and creating proper looking materials. I think i should have gone with actually using the anisotropic shader instead of faking it with the normal map. As a result, I’m somewhat unsatisfied with the final result, but considering the time i already spend on it, i wanted to reach a finishing point.

  • Modelling in blender
  • Material auditing in Substance
  • Rendering in Cycles
  • Post-processing in Blender. Minor corrections in darktable
  • arrangement in Gimp

The wood is 100% procedural

The height map went unused, i accidently included it in the breakdown.

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It’s a nice model, but the shading could need some work.
What about some grunge or dirt or other stuff that makes the metal look less clean?

But overall I like the model. Good job.