Rapping Raptor Dinosaur Animation

Rapping Raptor singing Amish Paradise



Nice rig and video. Very clean. Only thing I can think of right is youtube yanking your audio off with these hard times.

Good model, good rig and good animation. Pretty funny too. :slight_smile:

Good luck with the sales.

I hope this do not happen. I guess this Audio Track is not Copyright registered. This track is a Parody of the original song from Coolio. Some legal issues between them.

Hey thanks for your comment !

haha nice i love the little gif on the site 2 haha
and nice lip sinc haha i would buy it if i had a credit card :stuck_out_tongue:

edit haha i realized its a flash not a gif :frowning: haha

Yeap…it is a SWF file

I think it would have been cooler for the whole “rapping” idea if he was doin a hardcore gangster rap not a wierd al song. But otherwise nice rig and syncing :smiley:

WOW very cool model and animation… maybe you could’ve made the pupils move too (though the blinking is nice) btw have you sold any of them? (maybe if you add a shapeways model :P)

Great work! Nice job on the rig sir! Now I just need to see him bumpin’ some NWA or Wu-Tang, maybe while he’s wearing a Tall T too. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, man! That’s very cool. Glad i didn’t miss the end where you show off the rig more :slight_smile:
…Would love to be able to rig like that!

Ha Ha ! Well you know that’s personal preference. Many cool songs could have been used for this purpose.

Thanks for your comment !

that is awesome, has the veins and everything

yes I thought to animate the pupils, may be in the next revision. About sells, always a few mostly from Asia I guess.

Thanks for your comment.

This was pretty funny.
You did a great job.
Nice animation and rig.
Good luck with the sales.

Thanks, yeah I might try some dancing and jumping :slight_smile:

Very nice animation. To bad his walk doesn’t follow the beat of the song.

Nice work though :wink:

He should walk to the beat of the song, then it would match the perfection of the model, texture, rigging and animation.

Is this related some how to this? Or were you just… heavily heavily inspired by it? I know I recall seeing that rapping raptor (the one in my link that is) from somewhere a very long time ago. Apparently the original was actually this. Someone started a long trend of rapping raptors.

Thanks for your comment, glad you like the rig ! I love dinos and creatures :smiley: