Raptor Animation Test

Just looking for critique on my Raptor animation test. The creature will eventually be used for VFX, and is shown here unrendered.

Turnable of the raptor:

Good job. First video he looks like the jump was to easy, like he ate magic reindeer corn. everything else looks very good to me.

I dig it, but the raptor has no weight. You need to animate with weight and overlap.

Kris, say you all. The first problem Weight…more weight. Has a small problem with the overlap, but that’s not important, I think. And the hands…seems like gum or very elastic…I don’t know what happens with it… Fix this problems and your dino will be more real…look the scene of “Jurassic Park 1”, in the kitchen…:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks everyone, adding weight is what I find hardest, is there anything specific I should do to help with that?

It looks great so far, except what has already been mentioned above, I think the tail needs animating slightly more. It doesn’t tend to move when he jumps - which is the point of the tail to counterbalance…

This video (before the end) shows the tail moving about by a cat

Ok, this one is probably better : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sc9CBXYeCAo

When looking at weight the centre of gravity is a good place to start, so for this sequence check your arcs around the hips. After hitting the apex the CoG for the raptor should arc down a little as the legs take the weight. If you watch the hips now they hit the apex and flatten straight out, which is making it float.

Thanks! I haven’t been able to work on the animation (due to it being Christmas and all) but I’ll take a look at everything you’ve pointed out.

@Phoenix492 those references are helpful in showing the sort of movement, though I’d assume that the raptor’s tail would be held more stiffly than a cat’s (IIRC they were stiffened with rods of bone)