Raptor engine test

using a bunch of particles:

Thoughts/ideas/suggestions on the animated effect…

its too solid in color… and the colors themselves are off, check out some pictures of jets with full afterburn like this one:

never attempted it, but id ether use two emitters, and put blend textures on both of em, play with it some you’ll get it bro

Another animation of the first settings:

Now with some tweaking:

Tweaked one looks a lot better.

Not really important, but could you fix the camera flip, it is really bugging me

yeah the second one looks way better dude… you planning on animating?

That’s the plan. A lot of the large battle scenes with ships at a distance are finished. We just used a single vertex halo for those. Speeds up render times and just so long as there is a glow people don’t seem to notice. But these are all close up scenes that will be V.O’s …if we ever get enough voice actors to work on the project.

Here is a still from the back (still camera):

I am rendering one from the side. Should be another 30 minutes or so…