I thought people might be interested to see the original photo that I comped in the weekend challenge.
I took it to finish a role of film off after borrowing a friends 35mm camera for another project while doing a photography course.
The rapter design was taken from the Baker drawing


while I was experimenting with Das Pronto, (a sort of premixed fine paper machee and wood glue I guess) on a wire armature, but it looks a bit crude now after Steven Spielberg and the BBC Walking with Dinosaurs.
The rabbit I re-carved from a more crude unfired slipcast clay figure, while
learning pottery at local firm that manufactured garden ornaments. It was later
incorporated into a small diorama for a gift.
Both were painted with acrylic but I am afraid I don’t have a colour photo, and as
they were relatively fragile I would be surprised if they survived.
I think I just cut a couple of holes in a towel to hide the bases.


Thoughts and Comments Welcome.

Cheers Bogey.

I especially like the poses, nicely captured dy(i?)namics.

I guess I forgot this. This is the print I had to retouch before comping the other objects back in. I dont think I know anyone else in the picture.